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Becoming a Seamstress/Seamster

Seeds of Change (SOC) began as a sewing education initiative and has since flourished into a highly successful school. Currently, we have a dedicated team of 10 individuals, all of whom were once students themselves and now work full-time for SOC.

Our comprehensive training program opens up a world of possibilities, allowing graduates to establish their own businesses, work for established tailors, secure employment at hotels, or even pursue a career as a clothing designer.

Upon completion of our intensive 3-month training, you will possess the skills necessary to embark on any of these paths.

At SOC, we pride ourselves on teaching our students how to create high-quality products that span a wide range of items, including stuffed elephants, shopping bags, glass case holders, toiletry bags, and cushion covers. Currently, we collaborate with numerous international hotels and a few esteemed Thai clothing brands such as ‘Endless Summer’ and ‘Siamese Dreams’. Our reputation for excellence has allowed us to secure contracts with renowned establishments like Novotel, Saii Laguna, and The Rosewood hotel.

Our training course encompasses Monday to Saturday sessions from 9 am to 5 pm. Recognizing the challenges of leaving one’s current job, we offer a basic salary during the learning period to ensure that you can continue to provide for your family. We understand the importance of financial stability while pursuing your dreams.

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As SOC continues to expand its reach and reputation, we are actively selling our products, including stuffed elephants, stuffed dogs, keychains, toiletry bags, beach bags, shopping bags, and various other items, to hotels and establishments in Phuket, and throughout Thailand. As awareness of SOC grows, so does the demand for our products and services. This increased demand translates into more job opportunities within SOC, and there may be a place for you among our team.

Contact us today or visit us at Koh Sirey to take the first step towards turning your dreams into reality. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and look forward to assisting you on your journey.

Besides becoming a seamtress we also have a English language course combined with a housekeeping course. Click here For more info.

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